For 24hr Protection

You could feel the difference in just one day

Some people will feel a big difference in one day, but it may take 2-3 days to feel the full effect. A full treatment of Nexium Control® lasts for up to 14 days but you can stop taking it as soon as you feel complete relief from heartburn.

Here’s how Nexium Control® works day by day.
Day 1 – Start taking Nexium Control® and rest easy

Just take one tablet of Nexium Control® in the morning and it gets to work within an hour. Some people could experience protection from heartburn that day or by the evening. Full effect could take 2 to 3 days.

Day 2 – Nexium Control® is hard at work

Remember to start each day by taking your Nexium Control® pill. By day two to three, you should feel a real difference in your symptoms and even feel better as the day goes on.

Day 3-6 – Now you should be fully protected

If you suffered from restless nights due to heartburn, your sleep should be improving, Nexium Control is clinically proven to relieve night-time heartburn for a good night’s sleep. You should have up to 24hr protection, so you can just get on with your day.

Day 7-14 – You can go back to eating the foods you've missed

By now, you should be completely protected. You can sleep better at night and eat well during the day, feeling like yourself again. And once you feel completely free of heartburn, you can stop taking the product.

Beyond – If your heartburn returns

If your symptoms of heartburn do come back, you should seek advice from a pharmacist.

If you take any heartburn treatment for 14 days and see no change in your symptoms, consult your GP as soon as possible.

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