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Do you keep taking stuff to get short-term relief from heartburn? It's time you made a change. Target the source of your heartburn. Got Symptoms? One tablet in the morning and you could be protected all day*. It’s that simple.

How does Nexium Control treat frequent heartburn?

When your stomach reacts badly to something (food, stress etc) it can create too much acid. This can rise up into your throat causing pain and swelling. This is called heartburn or acid reflux.

Nexium Control works by limiting the amount of acid your stomach produces, helping prevent heartburn. It does this without affecting your ability to digest food and drink.

With Nexium Control you could enjoy life without heartburn

For 24-hour protection from heartburn and acid reflux

Try eating your favourite foods without worrying about flare ups

You can feel confident going out for dinner or having a drink

Nexium Control is clinically proven to relieve night-time heartburn for a good night’s sleep

Some products provide short term relief from heartburn, Nexium Control reduces stomach acid at the source to provide relief all day and night

Helps restore your life to how it should be - heartburn free